Hi, I’m Liz.

I teach yoga in Brighton & Hove… and this is my yoga page. But most importantly, it’s about your yoga – if you’ll join me (and I really hope that you do!). Because yoga is for every[one] and every[body].

It’s me! Not doing a yoga pose… photo by the wonderful Matt Miller.

If you’re looking for perfection, you won’t find it here. I definitely mix up my left and right from time to time, and I’m still working on my own practice every single day. In fact, this is what helps me help you! What you will find in my yoga classes:

  • A friendly vibe
  • A space to play and experiment with movement
  • Somewhere you can learn and make progress
  • A “no-judgements-here” attitude
  • A teaching style that is flexible – but this doesn’t mean you have to be
  • Somewhere you can build up your strength while letting go of tension
  • A place to connect your mind, body & breath
  • Simple language, patience and guidance where needed
  • Elements of both: laughter and music / silence and stillness

Yoga isn’t just for yogis. Yoga isn’t just for those who want to do a handstand or put their legs behind their head. If you’re curious, if you’re a total beginner, if you’ve been practicing for years, if you’re stressed and need some time out, if you’re tired and need energising, if you want to complement your running/strength training/sports playing with something that will strengthen and release your muscles, ease your busy mind and put a spring in your step: yoga is here for you. And so am I.

It doesn’t mean I won’t challenge you; you’ll very likely get a sweat on. But it’ll be with a smile on your face! And if you want to just lie down, that’s also fine. We can adjust things to make sure it’s right for you.  

If you want the technical stuff: I teach (slow-ish) vinyasa-style classes. This means continuous flow, building up like a wave, then coming slowly back into stillness. You’ll work on lots of standing postures, build strength in your body, work on balance and flexibility and learn the importance of the breath. You’ll also learn to laugh at yourself when you fall out of a pose and develop the curiosity to try new things, without fear of getting them wrong.

If you have any more questions, please send me a message or come to one of my classes in Brighton & Hove. I also offer corporate yoga classes and 1-2-1 sessions. Hope to see you on the mat soon!