About Me

Liz has practised yoga for many years; growing and learning with the yoga community in her seaside home Brighton, UK. She completed her 200-hour teacher training with the Yoga Garden in West Sussex and guides students with heart, with an inquisitive nature and with creativity. Her teaching takes a multi-disciplinary approach, allows for playfulness and is accessible and fun.

“I discovered my love of movement a little later on in life, after spending my childhood with my head in a book and my early twenties on a dancefloor. Yoga enabled me to experience and enjoy true physicality, the quality of being full of energy and force. I dedicated myself to my practice and over time improved my physical health and the connection I had with my body. Yoga also offered me mental space and clarity. In other words, it made me feel GOOD – and it still does now every day. That’s what I want my students to experience in class, as I share this love and joy of movement with others.”

“In class, I encourage students to move through space with ease and find fluidity in that movement. I offer a space to play and experiment, build strength, mobility and flexibility (in body and in mind 😉) with a practice centred around curiosity, dynamic movement, breath, buoyancy, joy… and the ability to laugh at yourself. Come flow and connect – all set to a specially curated playlist (of course!).

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