About Me

Ooh, it’s three of me! How exciting. I’m Liz, a yoga teacher based in Brighton. I LOVE yoga (of course), all things nature related but most of all the sea (which explains Little Wave Yoga), climbing on things, jumpsuits, a good amount of movement mixed with having a nice sit down, exploring, adventuring, bright colours and red wine (never white). So this is quite a good reflection of my life.

I work full-time in PR and teach yoga part-time (for now…). My practice began well over six years ago, although it took at least three before I really integrated yoga into my life fully. It’s honestly changed who I am and how I live.

I never enjoyed sports, my exercise in my early 20s was mostly vigorous dancing at clubs and I felt pretty disconnected to my body. Fast-forward to now: I practice most days, I run, I swim, I box (badly)… I enjoy physicality and movement more than anything in the world. And I’m beginning to find the mind-body connection too. It’s all a journey, in which I’m forever learning and evolving. But I’m lucky enough to help others along the way. I’ve wanted to teach for a very long time and here I am at last. If you’d like to try out one of my yoga classes in Brighton & Hove, please do! It’ll be fun I promise. Check out my timetable here.

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